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  • Vika.Nikolaev.ua
  • Vika.Nikolaev.ua
  • Vika.Nikolaev.ua

Welcome to our site!

We offer private apartments, houses from owners who are the alternative to a hotel! reasonable price, comfort and convenience will not disappoint you !!!

All apartments offered on our site can be removed as the day and at night, that will save you money. We will be happy if you choose the options of our apartments. Meet, we will place. Welcome to Nikolaev !!!

How to rent


  1. Apartment available for rent for a passport or a security deposit of 300 UAH.
  2. The rental payment is made at installation for the entire stay. Prices are subject to change depending on the number of living people. Payment for the order comes after a specified time. With the release of the apartment before the paid time, money is not returned.
  3. If you make the deposit, your chosen apartment is booked for you and anyone else on those days is not offered. If you cancel the order on your initiative, the deposit is not refundable.
  4. you agree to rent an apartment in this view, it was you predostavlenna.Vsya damage to property that occurred during your stay on your fault charged at actual damage.
  5. For your convenience, day are not clear as to hotel, from 12-00 to 12-00 and by appointment. If desired, provided proof of residence (round seal).
  6. If you can not provide the chosen apartment, we guarantee that you will be able to settle into an apartment to the required level for the same price.


Offer apartments and houses for entertainment events.